Soul, Spirit, God

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  –  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I believe that human beings are spiritual beings.


I believe that human beings *are* souls. I believe each human being *is* a soul and that each soul is a particular, self-consciously aware manifestation of Spirit.


I think of Spirit as  something that might best be understood by thinking of Consciousness as the root of Being itself. For example, by contrast, many people imagine the beginning of the universe as completely devoid of consciousness. They think of consciousness as something that comes much later in the process and that can only be understood in terms of thoughts requiring bodies and brains. I think of Consciousness as something fundamental to existence – as fundamental as time or space and inherently connected to each of these. Being itself – this is what I mean by Spirit, and that’s perhaps as briefly as I can describe it. I believe every individual is enlivened by this Spirit and ultimately connected by this Spirit.


To my mind, the question of the existence of God is the very question with which most people who might be interested in me as a Spiritual Director are struggling with. So I choose to stop short here and not to tell you exactly what I think. I will tell you that there is no debate about the fact that many people report experiences of something that they call God, but what does that mean to you? And if you experienced the same thing, would you call it “God” or something else? I see my purpose as helping this process of investigation move forward – to help you have your own personal experiences so that you may decide for yourself and choose your own words to describe your own experiences. The desired result is to engage individuals with the spiritual quest itself. The experience of that journey, I believe, gives life its fullest expression and sense of meaning.