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I use Sidereal Astrology exclusively in my work. This is a little different than the common astrology that everyone knows, which is Tropical Astrology. Put simply, Sidereal Astrology yields more statistically accurate results.

Tropical Astrology, the system you probably know best, is based on the cycle of the seasons instead of the actual positions of the planets against the backdrop of the stars. In short, Tropical Astrology uses a system that describes where the constellations were in the sky almost 2000 years ago, but they move a little each year. And in the almost 2000 years since, they have moved quite a bit.

The result is that if you were born on March 21st, for example, you have almost certainly been told that your Sun-sign is Aries, but if you had actually looked up in the sky on your own March 21st birthday, you would have seen that the Sun was in the constellation Pisces. It was in Aries two millennia ago. However, with Sidereal astrology, when you look up in the sky, what you see is what you get. Most people think that’s what they’re getting with Tropical Astrology, but that’s not really how Tropical Astrology works. That is how Sidereal Astrology works.

This is all the result of a very old debate. For the longest time, Tropical Astrology was the norm because most people were very attached to the symbolism of the changing seasons. However, the statistical evidence now shows that it is actually the position of the constellations and not the beginning of the seasons that yields the best data.

As it applies to real life, personal experience has confirmed solidly to me at least one basic tenet of astrology: When a planet travels in its orbit and passes the place where another planet was in the sky at the time of your birth (or at a significant angle to that position), there is a very high likelihood that there will be coincidences between your life experience and the symbolism of those two planets combined and/or interacting. Now, speaking scientifically, there is of course a lot of room for skepticism, primarily in the forms of “confirmation bias,” “self-fulfilling prophecy,” and the “Barnum effect.” To that, I can only say this: I invite you to perform your own experiment.

For me, it’s not a gimmick. It’s a very old spiritual meditation, and I make it available for those who take it seriously.

Services are offered In Person or by Email Correspondence, Phone, or Skype.

Services are $60/hour

  • Personality – Natal Chart Analysis
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  • You and a Partner – Relationship Analysis
  • The Year Ahead – Sidereal Solar Return Analysis
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