Prayers and Practices – Creating Focus and Change

Praying 2


I imagine these prayers and practices more as some of the potential ingredients in your personalized plan for Spiritual Direction, but if someone did want to spend a session or two investigating this individual practice or that, with me more in the role of temporary advisor, I would be open to that as well.

Verbal Prayer

  • Prayer of Thanksgiving
  • Prayer of Adoration
  • Prayer of Confession
  • Prayer of Intercession
  • Prayer of Forgiveness
  • Prayer of Commitment

Contemplative Prayer

  • Prayer With Images – “Kataphatic” Prayer
  • Prayer Without Images or Words – “Apophatic” Prayer
  • Scriptural Prayer – “Lectio Divina”
  • Mantra Prayer – Focusing Prayer

Instruction in Prayers and Practices offered In Person or by Email Correspondence, Phone, or Skype.