Dreams – Interpretation


“Every understood dream is like a slight electric shock into higher consciousness.”  –  Marie-Louise von Franz

The symbolic language of dreams is the native language of the soul. This language is older than speech. Long before humans spoke, they dreamt. Neither dogs nor infants speak, but they both dream. If the language and thought patterns of dreams is to be considered primitive, I think it should be in the sense of their being primary, foundational.

Dreams have anciently been understood to be an important part of the spiritual life as one of the primary ways Spirit speaks to our prayers, concerns, and hopes. Of course, not every dream even feels that important, as dreaming serves other purposes as well. Some dreams, however, do demonstrate an incredible power to reveal deep inner truths and to provide the emotional impetus for profound life-altering personal transformations.

For those who are interested, I will work to help them learn to listen for and interpret their own dreams, with the goal of applying what is discovered to their spiritual lives and practices.

Dream Interpretation offered In Person or by Email Correspondence, Phone, or Skype.

[$25 per email write-up]