About Me

RoseCompassLrgLogoLance Photo DecentSo what do you need to know about me in order to talk about the things you want to talk about? Well, I’ll leave that open for future questions too, but here are the basics:

About Me

I guess as far as types go, I would be the “Fat Friar.” I’m a big guy. I am also part scholar and part mystic. I like to be happy, sit around, and talk about things that most people don’t open up about unless you’re alone together in the wee, meaningful hours of the morning.

I first educated myself to be a minister, but certain life experiences compelled me to make a serious attempt at understanding the more human, psychological aspects of spiritual experiences. I went back to school after seminary, earning my second graduate degree in my the field of Psychology. During that time, and since then, I’ve studied the symbolism and effect of psychological archetypes, dreams, astrology, tarot, qabalah, and various world religions (though I know Christianity far more in depth than any others). I also became fascinated with the ability of astrology to powerfully reflect the dynamics of personality, lingering moods, and life events.

The services I provide offer me the opportunity to operate in both of my fields, the psychological and the spiritual, at once. My conviction that all spirituality is deeply psychological – and that the psyche itself is likewise inherently spiritual – frees me to work across all denominations and religions, seeing them all as containing pieces to one great inner spiritual puzzle, yet Psychology is not really what I like to talk about with people.

Your spiritual journey, where life has you, how it’s going, what you’re trying to figure out… These things I could talk about all day. These subjects tend to be deep and very personal, and it can be difficult to find someone who can relate with understanding. In fact, at times it can be difficult to find someone who even wants to listen. So, here I am.

Characteristic of the Fat Friar type, I have a pastor’s heart for people, but I’m also similarly earthier than most other pastoral types. Trust me, you’re not going to offend me. I am not about trying to get people to adhere to a certain set of socially approved behaviors. I have been trying to shake that stigma for years. But for most people, if you say the word “spiritual,” they start thinking about what words they shouldn’t say in front of you and all the other things of that nature. That’s not me. I’m the other kind. I’d rather know you as you are. That’s the true gold in my economy.

I have set up my services chiefly for people who are of an experimental and experiential nature. That’s where I am with it myself. I want to provide people with the tools to experience something greater than their daily waking selves and then have those conversations about what it might mean about Reality, God, Life, and Meaning.